Where to get new content ideas for your website

You want your website to rank highly on search engines and to keep visitors to your site engaged, but to do this you need to keep updating its content.

But to avoid breaching copyright laws and being penalised by search engines, this content needs to be original. So how do you keep coming up with new and unique content for your website?

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10 things not to do with your website

1. Don’t leave your content untouched

Refresh you content regularly to keep it relevant to your audience. If your website has not been updated for a while it will also negatively affect your search ranking.
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it’seeze being green: powered by 100% renewable energy

In a previous post, From orange to green: it’seeze and the environment, I gave an overview of what we’re doing to turn it’seeze green. In the past few days we’ve taken another major step by switching to 100% renewable energy from Good Energy. Read on for more details about this and our continuing efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

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5 things that could make your website illegal

You own your website so you are responsible for what the world can and cannot see on it. Knowing what you can and can’t do on your website is essential to keep you on the right side of the law and avoiding any hefty financial penalties or even a court case.

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‘About Us’ page: what to write

It’s not really ‘about us’: it’s ‘about them’ – your reader!

Many websites have an ‘About Us’ page — but why? Do people feel they should have one just because everyone else does? Unfortunately yes, in many cases. So many businesses are missing a prime opportunity to engage site visitors in a way that no other page on their site can do, because they don’t appreciate the importance of their ‘About Us’ page.

Use this guide to avoid common mistakes when writing your website’s ‘About Us’ page and to help ensure your ‘About Us’ page is really being used to its maximum potential.
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The it’seeze Academy Awards

With this year’s Oscars only a few days away and award-fever taking hold, we have decided to join the prestigious honours by recognising the it’seeze websites which demonstrate best practices within the website industry.

Why not get some ideas for your own website?

So without further ado, this year’s it’seeze website award winners are:
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Eggstraordinary Easter Campaigns!

Have you started thinking about your Easter campaign yet? As the second biggest seasonal event of the year, Easter presents a big online marketing opportunity and not just for those in food industry.

With more people surfing the internet looking for gifts, food and Easter get-aways the internet provides a unique platform for even the smallest of companies to get noticed with a clever campaign.

To help get your creative juices flowing here is what team at it’seeze think are 3 of the most Eggcellent (sorry!) Easter campaigns of 2013. But what do you think?

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Increase website visitors by updating these 5 things

Why you should keep your content fresh?

There are two main reasons to keep your content fresh:

  1. Keeping information relevant and up-to-date more effectively engages your visitors resulting in increased traffic and visitor return rates and lower bounce rates
  2. The more often you add website content the more often search engines will index your site, and the more valuable the content you add the more chance of increasing your rankings

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Perfecting the checkout process

Question: What proportion of online shoppers add items to their cart but then don’t complete the checkout process?

The Baymard Institute has averaged the results of a range of studies to produce an answer: more than 67%. This shockingly high figure is largely due to basic usability failings, such as forcing visitors to register just to find out the delivery price for their order.

Here at it’seeze we’re constantly reviewing the latest usability research and improving our e-commerce system. In this post we’ll show how we simplified the first stage of our checkout process to reduce cart abandonment even further.
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Counting views with Node.js

Near the bottom of it’seeze home page (and also available on its own dedicated page) is a counter, updating every second, showing the total number of page views our client sites have had. This isn’t a number made up for marketing purposes, or even just a rough estimate: it’s the accurate figure for all page views from the launch of our content management system up until one second ago.


In this post I’ll explain how we implemented this counter using Node.js and WebSockets, ensuring fast responses with almost imperceptible load on our servers.

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